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How to Save on the Company Party

YES!! You can Save Up To 50% on the Company Party

And receive an even greater return! (Aka bigger bang for your buck!)


It’s that time again. Time for the company party! How much money are you budgeting this year to impress your employees AND their significant others?

Do you and your employees look forward to the celebration or secretly dread it?

Here are a few breakaway tips that will help you start a new tradition, guaranteed to make a positive impact on the ones that you want to impress the most – the employees.


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How to Save- The Party Basics

(50% less guests)

WHO to invite. Your employees only. By not inviting “plus 1’s” you can focus on the people that do the work for the company. Save that money and have better entertainment and gifts/prizes for the guests.

WHEN to have it: $Save money by having a long Lunch time party on a weekday. Noon to 3:30. Maybe push it to January and have a “Kick Off Celebration.”

On the peak nights like Saturdays in December everything costs more AND it’s acceptable and expected that alcohol be served which gets expensive quickly and often yields unexpected outcomes.

WHERE: Near the work place where a short walk or ride will get everyone there quickly. A restaurant or downtown hotel could provide a sumptuous buffet in a private room or ballroom.

WHAT ENTERTAINMENT? Depending on the size of the group it could have music, but for all groups you should have games and prizes.

Groups of 25 guest to as many as 125 We always suggest crazy team fun. This can be in the form of large teams participating in simple challenges that are fun to do and to watch.

Groups of 50 to 250. A Casino Party with music, games, fun challenges and prizes is the perfect idea. Everyone can be a winner!


And you are a huge HERO for turning the boring company party into the most memorable fun they have ever had in just 3 hours!

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Thank you for helping us with the most successful party we have ever had!

Charlie J.